Our Activities

Locally hosted programs

In addition to our Online hosted programs, our courses are hosted Locally in partnership with many leading institutes. This enables students to learn in a class room environment and get better exposure, with the additional information provided by the lecturers and by meeting many other colleagues representing different industries.

Corporate Training

In additions to our programs which are made available via various leading local Institutes, we conduct corporate training programs mainly training employees on how to reduce Production wastes and increase the productivity of the production process. In addition, we have developed a series of short training programs addressing various aspects on the Manufacturing Improvement domain.

Alumni Membership

Any student completes any of our courses, Locally or on Online basis will automatically become an Alumni member of The ISSK. We encourage students to get connected with our social media networks which will provide students plenty of opportunities to learn more and grow in their career.

Manufacturing Consultancy

We are capable of guiding your Manufacturing business on various dimensions, from adopting a suitable and a feasible Manufacturing Strategy to how the Plant Productivity could be improved. Through the experience gained from the manufacturing sector, we could help you to transform your manufacturing business from a loss making situation to a high revenue generation business.

Plant Automation Solutions

We design various plant automation solutions and various machines types needed for material handling. We have designed and built various conveyor systems, semi-automatic guided vehicles, various custom built machine solutions, production machines, and other Industrial solutions and IIoT systems needed for the manufacturing sector.