A Commitment to Excellence

In the modern era, we see that many students prefer getting in to Manufacturing Jobs, and we find that professionals seeking employment in the Manufacturing Sector are having a huge knowledge gap on concepts related to various Modern Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement strategies. Thus as an Institution we work closely with Leading Manufacturers in the region and have moderated our programs where by adding elements which are highly required by them.

Therefore, all of our programs are categorized as Career oriented Executive Training Programs, and not as Academic training programs. Our courses are designed to increase your employability along with your Academic Diploma or your Degree and with your working Experience.

We will build people who can build Manufacturing Excellence and World Class Organizations.

  • All our programs are designed to be aligned with ASQ, BQF, JIPM, and other leading Quality bodies.
  • Our training and certification programs are built to meet modern industrial requirements.
  • Our programs and designed to be highly efficient, we promise you that it will not waste your time.
  • Our programs are the cheapest among other competitors.
  • The ISSK is a continuously growing organization, and we are working with TVEC, and CPD to integrate accreditation to our locally hosted training and certification programs.
  • Our programs are hosted Locally as well as via our online Partners.


All of our students who successfully meets the passing criteria of the Final Exams which are usually scheduled end of every course, are Eligible to receive our Certificate, and the e-version of it is offered completely FREE of charge.  

Requesting for the Printed version of the Certificate

We have given the option for students to request for the printed version of their certificates. Any of our students who have completed any of the courses via any platform can request for their Printed version of the certificate, you can make this request while you’re sending us the Answer sheet, as shown in the last lesson in all of our courses.

This associates an additional cost, we have estimated the processing and shipping cost to be 15$. Therefore, upon request, we will send the students the Invoice via Payoneer, and the students will need to make the payments for us via Payoneer Secure Payment. Once we receive the payments we will post your Certificate to the provided address within 2-3 days. You’ll receive your certificate maybe after 15-20 days, due to delays in International shipping. Currently we accept payments via Payoneer Secure Payment only.

Use this Badge in your CV

After the completion of any course, you will be offered with our Badge that can be used to highlight your qualification in your CV. This will make your CV unique and increase the chance of being shortlisted for any Jobs you applied.

If you have not received the Badge, you may Download it from here and add it to your CV as shown below in the sample profile example, as it is an image file you should be able to do it easily.